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Hey everyone, writing up this post to provide some general information about the server,
along with some of the ideas that we plan to implement.

What files does Noxus use?
Noxus will not be ran on the files publicly released to the community. Instead it will be
supported by our own server software created entirely from scratch. What does this mean?
This means that this is (or will be) the most advanced server to exist currently, in terms of
technicality and features. The possibilities here are endless.

What makes this server unique?
To begin with, the level cap will be set to level 89. Our plan is to completely re-haul the game,
without removing aspects that we all know and love, but rather building upon them and expanding
our project into much more than just a private server. With our re-balanced class system,
we want to offer a fresh, and rewarding experience to players from all backgrounds.

Now let's dig into our planned features.

Cen System
Money-making works a little differently here at Noxus. We use the Cen system that some of you may
be familiar with from Hunter Kingdom files, but revamped. Once you kill a monster, the money (amount
depending on the level of the monster) is added directly into your character's inventory.

Scheduled NPC
Once every week (we're currently thinking about every Sunday), an NPC will spawn into the game world,
where they'll sell items to players for an item currency that they can obtain through several different
ways (quests, instance dungeons, kingdom quests, item shop, etc).

Pets have recently been showing up in some of the servers that are currently out, but in Noxus
we're all about being different, and with our server software being completely custom built,
we can easily promise that difference. In Noxus, you can obtain pets that follow you around world
and fight by your side. They'll also gain a percentage of the XP you gain and level up accordingly,
increasing their stats.

Dueling / "Staking"
You'll be able to 1v1 other players anywhere in the world. If you lose, it'll be broadcasted
to the map that you are in, so don't!

Title Re-haul
We want titles to be used a bit differently in Noxus, that's why we're completely reworking them.
We're designing our titles on our own with some new effects in mind. For example, some titles will
offer a chance to apply a debuff to enemies, or apply a buff to the character. While this hopefully intrigues
you, it only scratches the surfaces of what is possible.

Level Rewards
Mystery vaults are getting old, why not do something new with them. Here, we want to rewards players
for every new level that they accomplish. This is why every time you reach a new level, you'll receive a
random reward. These can be things like cosmetic items, mounts, and more.

We'll be posting some previews as we get things implemented into the game.
We're so excited to bring Noxus to you all and we hope that you're just as excited to dive into it.

RED Software

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