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Code of Conduct

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We will be actively moderating the forums closely. Please be sure you are aware of the rules before you post.

  1. Be respectful to other members. It is our goal to create a clean forum, so cursing, swearing, personal attacks or retaliations are not welcome here and will not be tolerated. Trolling, harassment, racist or threatening comments, obscene material or other intentionally annoying behavior is also unacceptable.
  2. Post threads in the correct categories.
  3. Do not spam. This includes excessive bumping, advertising and caps lock.
  4. No explicit materials, warez, spyware, links to malicious programs or illegal software! Offering images, links or information regarding such content will not be tolerated.
  5. Please try to to teach and guide newer members instead of attacking them. Answering someone's question by telling them to use the search function isn't very nice, and if the person isn't familiar with the forum software, not very useful. If you know the answer, share it!
  6. Do not advertise other websites or Discord servers.
  7. Do not try to incite drama or arguments.
  8. Do not impersonate members of the staff team.

This post is subject to changes.

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